Memorial Bricks, Pavers,Trees, and Pickets

Looking for a way to make a lasting Tribute? The Park offers various ways to honor a love one...

Memorial Brick or Paver

Honor a special veteran, family member, or friend at Boardman Park’s Veteran’s Memorial by purchasing an 8 x 8 paver with up to 3 lines of text and an emblem of their branch of service for $100.

Honor a family member or friend by purchasing a 4” x 8”  brick on the walkway between the Veteran’s Memorial and the Maag Outdoor Arts Theatre with up to 3 lines of text for $70.

Memorial Paver Form

Memorial Tree and Recognition Plaque

The Park District encourages and appreciates gifts designated for the purchase of trees. All such gifts of trees must be appropriate for and complement the overall landscape plan of the Park District.

  • Recommended Tree List – provided by Park Office. Please note: there are also hybrids/cultivars of Trees Listed that are acceptable
  • Trees will be at least 1 ¼ - 1 ½ inches in Caliper {Diameter of Trunk}
  • Trees will be Balled & Burlapped {B&B}
  • Park will pick up Tree and plant Tree
  • Tree location in the Park – Park Management will suggest appropriate sites to Donor
  • Tree costs $400.00
  • Bronze Plaques recognizing gifts or memorials are permitted.
    Plaques are six (6) inches x nine (9) inches, with four (4) lines of text
    The cost for each Plaque is $350.00
    The Park will mount the Plaque on a wooden backer and install the Plaque at the base of the Tree.
Recommended Tree List
Memorial Tree Form

Playground pickets

Memorialize or Honor a loved one; feature your family name, your children’s names, or even your company name for a tax deductible donation of $100.00.  A picket would make a great gift and all proceeds will benefit both of our Children’s Playgrounds.