Facilities to Reserve and Enjoy

Indoor Meeting Rooms provide air-conditioning/heat, kitchen facilities, and seating for up to 232 people.


Five open-air pavilions available April-October.


A picturesque setting for a couple's wedding day.

Discover the beauty and diversity of the Park while walking the North Trail. The Trail located on the East side of the Main Drive of the Park, starts at the Boardman Park Lariccia Family Community Center and travels North to the Bicentennial Rock of Boardman, which is across from St. James Meetings House.

The Trail provides a safe and accessible pathway to Park facilities and to a variety of recreational opportunities. Development of the Trail is according to the Park's Master Plan and its Mission Statement: To provide a diversity of recreational and educational opportunities in order to enhance the quality of life for the Community. Prior to the completion of the Trail, walkers and joggers used the Main Drive, where they were subjected to the hazards of motor vehicles. 

Now, they will be able to walk or exercise in an environment designed to enhance their Park experience. Via the Eisenhower Branch, Trail Users will be able to enjoy the natural areas of the Park. The Eisenhower Branch will connect the North Trail to the Park's Nature Trail system located within the 167 acres of natural habitat, as well as the Hike & Bike Trail.