Disc Golf

Disk Golf

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf in that the object of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest strokes.  Instead of a ball and clubs, players use flying discs, similar to a Frisbee®. Just as there are different clubs used in traditional golf, there are different discs to choose from such as a driver, mid-range and a putter disc that are weighted to get the desired results on each hole.

Some advantages to playing Disc golf are first and foremost here at Boardman Park the course is Free to play so no “tee fees”, no need to rent a cart, the course is all within walking distance among all your Park’s favorite recreational amenities like picnic areas and historical landmarks and with it.

Open to the Public!

You are encouraged to come out and play during your free time so you are never stuck with a bad "tee time."  Sponsorship opportunities are available for the remainder of the course.  Become a “Hole” sponsor and your company, or family, name/logo, will be displayed on a permanent signage at the Tee for that particular “Hole”. 

For more information on Disc golf or sponsorship, please call the Park Office at 330-726-8107 

The Disk Golf Course

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The Disc Golf course was designed by Justin Edwards  and includes the first 9 holes that are challenging but more familiy friendly and an additional 9-holes played through the wooded area of the Park, located just East of the Tennis Courts.

Each hole is densely wooded and provides water hazards and elevation changes, with two holes playing over McKay’s Run creek.

This natural environment not only provides players with an appreciation of the beauty of nature, but also provides a greater challenge than the family friendly front 9-Holes. 

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Deborah Liptak
Kevin Willis
Mark Luke
Joe Sylvester