The Park preserves 294 Acres of greenspace that provides critical environmental functions that con-tribute to many of life’s essentials – Mitigating Stormwater Run-Off, cleaning the water & the air and returning oxygen to the atmosphere. There are approximately 38,100 trees within the 294 acres. These trees will intercept 14.5 million gallons of storm water each year; and will remove 6.4 million pounds of atmospheric carbon. The over-all environmental benefit to our community is valued at $1.5 million per year, as well as keeping our living environment healthy.


The Park preserves 194 Acres of Natural Habitat, which protects many native species of plants and animals and is an excellent representative of Ohio’s glaciated Beech/Maple forests and lowland hardwood forests. The Natural area provides vegetative buffers to development and preserves habitat for wildlife, facilitates a biodiversity and establishes an ecological integrity.


The Park protects over 18-acres of wetlands and McKay’s Run that is a major tributary of the Yellow-creek Water Shed. Wetland habitats serve essential functions in an ecosystem, including acting as water filters, providing flood and erosion control, and furnishing food and homes for fish and wildlife. Wetlands also absorb excess nutrients, sediments, and other pollutants before they reach rivers, lakes, and other waterbodies.


The Green Oasis facilitates social interaction and promotes a healthy lifestyle by creating wholesome opportunities to live and interact with family, friends, neighbors, and communities. According to research performed at small local parks, spending time out-doors and connecting with nature improves general mood and attitude, reduces stress, improves mindfulness and creativity, and promotes community connections. Community bonds and connections are what holds a community together.

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