Boardman Park hosts 227 acres of greenspace located in the heart of Boardman, Ohio. Our "Green Oasis" is a sanctuary for local plants and animals, and a recreational haven - providing amenities like open-air pavilions, softball fields, hike & bike trails, playgrounds and more!

Discover Boardman Park by Foot

Discover the beauty and diversity of the Park while walking the new North Trail. The Park is proud to announce the opening of its new pedestrian walkway, the North Trail, with its Eisenhower Branch and Maag Theatre Walk. The Trail located on the East side of the Main Drive of the Park, starts at the Boardman Park Lariccia Family Community Center and travels North to the Bicentennial Rock of Boardman, which is across from St. James Meetings House.

The Trail provides a safe and accessible pathway to Park facilities and to a variety of recreational opportunities. Development of the Trail is according to the Park's Master Plan and its Mission Statement: To provide a diversity of recreational and educational opportunities in order to enhance the quality of life for the Community. Prior to the completion of the Trail, walkers and joggers used the Main Drive, where they were subjected to the hazards of motor vehicles.  Now, they will be able to walk or exercise in an environment designed to enhance their Park experience. Via the Eisenhower Branch, Trail Users will be able to enjoy the natural areas of the Park. The Eisenhower Branch will connect the North Trail to the Park's Nature Trail system located within the 167 acres of natural habitat, as well as the Hike & Bike Trail.

The surface of the North Trail is asphalt pavement, with the Eisenhower Branch constructed of recycled asphalt. The Trail is 8 feet wide and is approximately one (1) mile in length, and is ADA accessible. The Nature Trail system consists of eight (8) Trails, with a total length of 2.7 miles; thereby, making the total for all Trails in the Park over 4 miles in length.

The design of the Trail includes two (2) relatively new concepts: 1) Meandering - the Trail winds between and around trees, while staying outside of the drip line of the Trees. The purpose of this concept is twofold:  first, to prevent root damage during construction, and secondly, to enhance the aesthetics of the Trail. 2) Elevated Walks – the Trail is constructed above grade. The benefit of this concept is also twofold:  first and similar to Meandering, to prevent root damage, except it is used where Meandering is not possible, and secondly, to keep the Trail above areas that are wet, which will help prevent water damage. 

The total cost of the Project was $308,000.00. Funding for the Trail was provided by a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Recreational Trail Program, a gift from Alltel, and the Park District's Capital Improvement Budget.

The Park Board and its Staff would like to express their appreciation to the following organizations for the efforts in making the North Trail a reality: - ms consultants, inc., engineers, especially Gary Diorio and John Miller; Butch & McCree Paving, Inc., general contractor; Pallante Concrete Construction, Inc., concrete contractor.


Benefits of Trails

  • Trails connect people to nature, to each other, and to our shared histories and cultures.
  • Trails bring peace, solace and joy.
  • Trails promote fitness and outdoor activity.
  • They make our people healthy and our communities more livable.
  • They showcase preservation of open space and wildlife habitat.
  • They bring nature to persons with disabilities.
  • They help our kids develop life-long habits of good health and promote stewardship of the land


Trail Rules & Regulations

  • Trails are open year-round from 7 AM to Dusk.
  • Safety & Courtesy Helps To Prevent Accidents.
  • Please be aware of and courteous to other Trail Users; children, pets, handicapped individuals, and Park Maintenance Vehicles.
  • The North Trail is designed for pedestrians, roller-skates, roller-blades.
    NOT PERMITTED: motorized vehicles, skateboards, bicycles, tricycles.
  • The Eisenhower Branch, the Maag Theatre Walk and the Nature Trails are designed for pedestrians ONLY.
  • Trail Users on Roller-Blades or Roller-Skates must travel single-file and must obey the 10 mph speed limit.
  • Trails are Two Lane, all Trail Users, please keep to the right side, pass on the left side.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way on Trails; however, allow faster Trail Users to pass safely.
  • When passing, give audible warning.
  • Please move off the Trail when you need to stop or rest.
  • All Trail Users must cross roads and driveways ONLY at designated Crosswalks.
  • During the Winter, please be alert for any snow or ice and exercise extreme care in your use of the Trails.
  • All pets must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet and must be under control at all times.
  • Pet owners are required to remove pet waste and deposit in Trail Receptacles.
  • Glass containers are prohibited on the Trails.
  • All Trail Users must comply with the Trail Rules & Regulations, and the General Rules & Regulations of the Park District, which are available at the Park Office or at www.boardmanpark.com.
  • Need Assistance: Call Park Staff – 330-717-5282 (7 AM to Dusk),
    Park Office – 330-726-8105 (8 AM to 5 PM).
  • In case of an emergency: call 911, Boardman Township Police – 330-726-4144


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