Boardman Park hosts 227 acres of greenspace located in the heart of Boardman, Ohio. Our "Green Oasis" is a sanctuary for local plants and animals, and a recreational haven - providing amenities like open-air pavilions, softball fields, hike & bike trails, playgrounds and more!

Ex-Servicemen's Pavilion
This open-air pavilion is named for the Club which funded its construction and is known as the (Veteran's) Vets Pavilion. 
  • Seating capacity for 50 guests
  • Open on three sides with pull down tarps
  • Fireplace
  • Grills
  • Water
  • Electric


HoursWeekday Rate ResidentWeekend Rate ResidentWeekday Rate NonResidentWeekend Rate NonResident
5 $50.00 $60.00 $85.00 $100.00
12 $70.00 $115.00 $165.00 $200.00