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Boardman Park provides and preserves 227 acres of fertile greenspace located in the heart of Boardman, Ohio. Our "Green Oasis" is a sanctuary for local plants and animals, and arecreational haven - providing amenities like open-air pavilions, softball fields, hike & bike and nature trails, playgrounds and more!

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Boardman Park provides a diversity of recreational and educational opportunities meant to promote pleasant family experiences, while preserving our natural habitat. Our “Green Oasis” provides and preserves 227 acres of fertile greenspace located in the heart of Boardman that is not only a sanctuary, but also is a recreational haven for the Community it serves.

Of the 227 acres, approximately 60 acres are developed with a diversity of recreational facilities. The rest, approximately 167 acres, is preserved for natural habitat, which supports many native species of plants and animals. It is these two diverse, yet balanced, uses that truly make Boardman Township Park the “Green Oasis” of the community.

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