Boardman Park hosts 227 acres of greenspace located in the heart of Boardman, Ohio. Our "Green Oasis" is a sanctuary for local plants and animals, and a recreational haven - providing amenities like open-air pavilions, softball fields, hike & bike trails, playgrounds and more!

The Boardman Park Lariccia Family Community Center

Boardman Park - Community Center

The Boardman Township Park Board announces the groundbreaking of the Boardman Park Community Center Phase I. This is the first scheduled project which is part of the current 2.2 million dollar Capital Campaign. Upon completion of Phase I, the renovated facility will be known as The Boardman Park Lariccia Family Community Center.

This is the first project of the current 2.2 million dollar Capital Campaign. The building was designed by the 4M Company and utilizes "green" materials for 82% of the renovation.

Boardman Park - Community Center

One of the unique features is the Nana Wall (floor to ceiling glass walls) to allow visitors to enjoy a complete view of the natural beauty of the park.

Another feature of the building is the exposed heavy timber structural framing system connected with heavy iron decorative botls and plates. The columns are 24" diameter White Spruce tree trunks.

There are eight Historical Lamp Posts which are located along the drive and the patio. The posts are from the historic Newport Glen area and were made by the Westinghouse Corporation and dated 1927.

Boardman Park - Community Center

Because of the high demand for the center, the time-frame for construction was scheduled for a period of four months, starting the first of February and due to be completed by May 30, 2009.

Phase II of the renovation will commence when the Capital Campaign has received sufficient funds in order to prudently undertake the Project. This is the first major change to the center since it was constructed in 1977.


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